Saturday, February 1, 2014

Logos with Woman Hairstyling

There is a thing common between "Salon" and "Spa" that is both the terms are related to a healthy lifestyle. With increasing number of people becoming conscious about their living styles, there is a tremendous growth noted in spa and salon clubs in the recent two decades.

Both the industries deal with personality grooming and outward style. As indicated earlier; both men and women are increasingly getting concerned about their outward style and beauty, this business is on its peak.

The use of products used in these clubs highly depends on the nature of a club including vegetable extracts, fruit extracts, herbs and chemicals etc. Therefore, a salon logo design for such a business should directly relate to the nature of it. You must have also noticed that these types of logos are common with health centers, cosmetic products and salons. Let us examine what are the other aspects of this brand mark identity,

Style of such brand marks revolves around only one aspect and that is "femininity". Although, spa centers cater male customers as well but due to the stereotypes, beauty and care is only consociated with women. Bare colors are used to show the feminine sides with a laid back feel to it. Shouting, bold colors and audacious images are usually not preferred by professional graphic designers in them.

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