Monday, February 10, 2014

Prom Hairstyles Tumblr Girls

prom hairstyles tumblr girls

In choosing your most suitable prom hairstyle, you should consider a lot of factors including the shape of your face, head, nose, eyes and their ratios of each other. The facial shape would be the most influential factors among all. Different hairstyles would suit for different facial shapes. Basically, there are four types of common facial shapes to consider with, i.e. the oval shape, the triangular shape, the round shape and the rectangular shape.

The Rectangular Facial Shape

In general, many of the top models are in rectangular facial shape. In fact, a rectangular facial shape delivers a unique character of cool and determination.

The Oval Facial Shape

Most people think that an oval face gives a friendly feeling and it suits for many different hairstyles. Nevertheless, it would give a false impression that an oval facial shape would be lack of personal characteristics. Therefore, it is especially important for an oval facial shape to choose a more distinctive hairstyle to extrude her unique character. Besides, a more frequent changed hairstyle is suggested since it could help to project her attributes.

The Round Facial Shape

A round face projects an affection of vivid and naïve. However, it would also give a false impression of immaturity. It is suggested to set up the hair at the front part to make up a more oval shape impression. For instant, an inner curved bang or thickened bang could well serve this purpose.

The Triangular Facial Shape

Triangular face could be classified into heart shape and pear shape. For a heart facial shape, it should be aware that the prom hairstyle should not be set to exaggerate a weak and crummy impression. A smoothie-curved hair is recommended for both long and short hair which could help to project a more able character.

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  1. Really nice hairstyles as per my opinion girls should know to make different hairstyles which suits on their beautiful faces.