Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Haircuts for Men 2014

If you are searching for a few ideas relating to new haircuts for men then it is worthwhile taking a moment to consider the following tips and suggestions. Of course what is popular this year may not be so next year. For this reason it is important to consider a number of options before letting the scissors do their work.

The crew cut has remained popular through the years and is a common sight today. It exudes a sense of confidence, authority, and strength. All that is required is to take a pair of clippers and trim your hair to the desired length and shape. It is easy to maintain and clean.

Another interesting option that has become more popular this year is the spiky messy look. This is easy to achieve and does not take much time to get right. It is similar to the style worn by such popular icons as Christiano Ronaldo. To get this appearance you will need to use a product such as a styling gel. This needs to be added to the hair on the top of the head with your fingers to give a cool "just out of bed" look. If you have hair that varies in length it can add a unique finish.

A classical favorite and once that is suitable for any situation is the high and tight look. This offers great versatility and is easy to manage and control. It basically involves a meticulous crop on the back and sides and then slightly longer hair on the top of the head which can then be styled or combed in a certain way. Such a look would be perfect for those guys that lead a very active lifestyle but also want to appear sophisticated and attractive.

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  1. Other than the tomahawk I am loving the hair styles. I seriously dont understand what goes in the minds of people who opt for it.