Saturday, February 1, 2014

Funny Hairstyles

Is Haircutting Difficult? Why & How Should You Cut Off Perfectly Good Hair? Hair usually grows at a rate of maximum 2cm per month, on the head- unless you are bold. In the past, cave people did not cut their hair. They lacked the tools and the reason to do so. After all, hair and body hair is warming and comforting - unless you have lice crawling in it! Long messy and wild hair can be not only used as a comfortable cushion, but also serves as an excellent method of hiding large sections of an ugly face!

Long hair needs much care and maintenance to keep it tangle free. Since they had no combs, shampoos nor hair-conditioners back then, you can well imagine what an itchy mess their head of hair was. At some point the early man realized it would be far more useful to get rid of the hair, and avoid getting stuck in the bush, while chasing after his pray or woman.

It is also a highly dangerous practice for young girls to have long hair if they ride a bicycle (Therefore, in some caring countries girls are forbidden to ride bikes), or if they go to a school where they might get their hair pulled. We see the reason-ability of some religious demands for cutting off the hair of married women, or of covering up the hair and thus keeping its bearer free of grievous bodily harm.

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